Real Estate Owner's Representation & Project Management

About Us

Bauer Project Development is a multi-discipline real estate and construction industry consulting firm providing development program management and construction expertise to institutional and corporate real estate owners, private land developers, equity and debt providers, and sureties.

Founded by Bruce Auerbach, a veteran of the Philadelphia and New Jersey regional real estate and construction industry, Bauer brings a client-dedicated and rigorous approach to the management of development and construction risk.

Bauer has the experience and expertise to help your organization at any program level.

As Owner's Representative, we are an expert intermediary and advisor, providing oversight, coordination, and reporting to ensure that the Owner's best interests are at the heart of every decision.

As a Project Manager, we bring the diligence, technical expertise, design and construction experience, and practical know-how necessary to manage any size and type of land development or construction program.